The Great Egg Drop 2015


On May 10th 130 people gathered expectantly to watch this year’s Great Egg drop, wrapped up warm but thankfully without the need for umbrellas! This annual event invites entrants to design a contraption to hold and protect a raw egg as it is dropped from the top of the church tower - about an 110 ft .
The entrants are first marked on the plans/drawings of their contraption and its actual design and decoration, then after its ‘journey’ down, on its speed, how near it got to a target, and of course if the egg, not necessarily the contraption, survived. There are three categories: Open— entrants are free to design and use a wide range of materials; Technical—entrants have restrictions on what they can use to make their contraption and finally—the biggest, messiest SPLAT. As suggested by the name, this latter category necessitated several large tarpaulins covering the new paving under the tower!
It was great to see groups from the Beavers entering, as well as families, individual adults and children, sometimes even mums/dads v sons/daughters, even brothers v sisters!
Paul was an enthusiastic compere, keeping everyone entertained for the hour it took to introduce all 31 contraptions as they were individually dropped from the tower. Alphington echoed to the sound of the crowd shouting ‘5,4,3,2,1’ as each descended from high above. Amazingly over half of the eggs inside the contraptions survived the journey! A special thanks to Nila, Michael and Adam [ see photo top right] and all the others who ran up and down the ancient stone steps carrying eggs from the bottom to the top of the tower, and then worked out via walkie-talkies when to lower them one-by-one over the wall and let each one go!
Open: 1st Georgia Pugh, 2nd 17th Beavers Red Lodge,
3rd Aiden Smith , Joint 4th Jasmine Smith Ben McIntyre.
Technical: 1st McIntyre family, 2nd Amelia Palmer, 3rdMark Pugh
Best Splat:The Ross family [the reigning champions retain the title!]
Afterwards over a 100 people enjoyed the usual delicious Messy Church tea back inside the warmth of the church. Then there was a short time of worship activities, the children watched a film clip explaining about how the money raised in Christian aid week would support families in Africa, and then lots of the children came out to the front and helped Gudrun as she led some lively worship songs and actions.
All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and Gudrun and Paul would like to thank everyone for entering and attending the event. Please do consider entering again next year, or even join in the fun for the first time. The more serious among you might want to start planning your entry now….! 


Kathy Rowden, 24/05/2015

 Church Life 
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