Staff and Leadership

If you need to contact the Church please visit the contact us page.

Lesley Phillips-Cannon

Lay minister

Roseanna Wills

Church & Community Worker. Usual working days: Monday, Friday & Sunday

Anthony Cummings


Ruth Ramsbottom


Sue Noden


Roger Noden


Revd. Mike Partridge


Church Safeguarding Officer

Ruth Ramsbottom

Safeguarding officer

Contact Details: 01392 210777. Mobile: 07875 578786

The Parish Safeguarding Representative plays a key role in helping to ensure the safety of all those involved in local church life. Please speak to your Safeguarding Representative, in the first instance, should you have any concerns about a child or adult. If an individual is at immediate risk of harm, please contact the police.

Lay Leadership Team

Photo (left to right): Peter Turnpenny,  Eira Rowe, Joy Littlefair,  Debs Philpott, Julia Tooth, Kathy Rowden.

The Church is a community where everyone has a part to play. Here, we’re introducing you to our team of “Lay Leaders” because these are the people you might see leading our worship on a Sunday. But everyone has a part to play in the Church, and everyone is important. The behind-the-scenes people who clean the building, visit the housebound, make music, edit the magazine, welcome you and help you to your seat, are part of the one team working together to share the joy of Christian living. We use our gifts, skills and training to do things well, to grow closer to God, to experience him in daily life, and to welcome newcomers to the journey of faith. It’s definitely not a hierarchy, with the vicar at the top. In fact, those who serve in the Lay Leader Team remind themselves regularly that their biggest purpose is to enable others to flourish. The key word is “service”.